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Alcohol Gifts For The Spirited Woman

Last Updated: November 30, 2023

Are you looking for a unique and thoughtful gift for the spirited woman in your life?

Whether it's for a special occasion or just because, alcohol-related gifts can be a unique and thoughtful choice. 

From liquor bottles to cocktail sets, glassware to bar accessories, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Whether she's a whiskey connoisseur or a gin enthusiast, we've got you covered.

Alcohol-Related Gifts For Her

multi coloured Tweed hip flask

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These stainless steel 6oz hip flasks, come with their own stunning removable Harris Tweed jackets and are beautifully presented in a luxurious gift box.The sleeve can be hand-washed making it practical as well as stylish. And they're customisable, with embroidery available. Available in twenty (20!) different colours/styles. Made in the UK and worldwide shipping is available.

four pink tins upcycled to house hand made gin scented candles. the tins are edinburgh gin raspberry gin fizz, gordons pink distilled gin, manchester gin raspberry infused and edinburgh gin rhubarb and ginger

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LUMOSupcycle (Etsy) handmakes soy candles using upcycled cans of gin cocktails, with the candle scent matched to the can. Available options include Gordon's Pink Gin, Edinburgh Gin Rhubarb and Ginger, Manchester Gin and Tonic, Koppaberg Gin and Lemonade, and Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Fizz. These gin candles are made in the UK, and worldwide shipping is available.

round wooden coaster with text work now gin later

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These personalised drink coasters by DUSTandTHINGS (Etsy) would make a great stocking filler or Kris Kringle/Secret Santa. Handmade engraved Beech wood coasters with your choice of 'alcohol' - Work Now [gin] [whiskey] [wine] [cocktails] Later. Nine options to engrave (including 'alcohol') are available in various colours. Made in the UK with shipping available to USA, Canada and Australia.

photograph of a framed watercolour print of an range cocktail in a spritz glass

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WallArtCoUK's beautiful explosions of bright watercolours are a unique gift that will look fabulous on the walls of any home. There's a vast selection available in multiple sizes, framed or unframed, to suit any budget. Made in the UK, worldwide shipping is available. Pictured is the Aperol Spritz Glass.

four white square coasters with different amusing gin related words and definitions on them. The key words are Gintellectual, Ginvincible, Gin wag, & Gincident

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Gintellectual, Ginvincible, Gin wag, & Gincident - a collection of four gin gift set coasters by Blucatandco (Etsy). These coasters are 9.7 cm x 9.7 cm by 3.2 mm thick with rounded corners, made from a high quality, durable melamine satin finish, and a cork back. They are made in the UK, and worldwide shipping is available.

Gifts For The Cocktail Queen

gold plated 14 piece cocktail kit from A Bar Above

Available in Gold, Rose Gold and Stainless Steel, this 14-piece professional bartender kit was developed by career cocktail bartender Chris Tunstall, who was frustrated with the lack of high-quality bar equipment. With his partner Julie, Chris created the A Bar Above cocktail tools and hosts the YouTube Channel A Bar Above, a fabulous resource for making great cocktails. Their Boston cocktail shaker is reinforced for extra strength and guaranteed to never break or bend, even behind the busiest craft cocktail bar. They're even safe for commercial dishwashers. The set also comes with: three different strainers, a muddler, a cocktail spoon, a Japanese jigger to precisely measure ingredients for balanced cocktails, and cocktail picks for a stylish garnish. To help advance your cocktail queen's skills, why not also gift her a workshop from A Bar Above? From Bar Basics to advanced Mixology Certification, A Bar Above has a cocktail course to suit everyone.

kotai four piece copper bar set

This 4-piece bar tool set from Kotai includes a 13" (33cm) Barspoon, 1oz / 2oz Bell Jigger, a Julep Strainer and a Hawthorne Strainer. The Kotai Stainless Steel Copper Plated 4pc set (pictured) is perfect for displaying in a home bar or, alternately, may be kept in its box for easy storage. Also available in black steel and silver.

final touch yarai pitcher

Large spouted for easy pouring, this classic Japanese Yarai weave pattern is elegant and provides a secure grip on its heavy, thick-walled glass. At  600ml (20.2 oz) capacity, it can easily make two cocktails at once. This set includes a stainless steel Hawthorne strainer.

berry wall pink pitcher dave wondrich

Inspired by David Wondrich’s (see Spirits and Cocktails below and also Imbibe!) private collection and named for Evander Berry Wall, a personality from the 1890s known for his flamboyant dressing and enjoyment of fine drinks at fine bars. Rose-tinted lead-free crystal, 1-2 drink capacity, 19.7cm height by 9cm diameter.

7 packets of alcoholic candy stick drink stirrers

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WalkstonCandy's (Etsy) Alcoholic Cocktail Stirrers are individually hand-crafted hard candy filled with booze. Each pack contains eight alcohol-filled sticksand each stirrer can last up to 3 cocktails. Flavours include Raspberry Prosecco, Pink Gin, Passionfruit Martini, Parma Violet Gin, Blood Orange Gin, Cotton Candy Gin and Elderflower Gin. Made in the UK and available in the UK only.

essential concierge black gold cocktail napkins

The Essential Concierge have some fabulous, elegant cocktail accessories including decorative napkins, cutlery and disposable plates (also available as bundled sets). A small touch that will make a big impact at her next cocktail party. Available in rose gold, black and gold, gold, and silver.

mandalorian s3 razor crest punch bowl geeki tiki set

I ordered a bunch of these ceramic tiki cocktail mugs for our home bar and as gifts for friends - the Geeki Tiki range is extensive, from Star Wars to Rick and Morty, DC, Marvel, Start Trek, LOTR and many more. Most of these Tikis are 16oz (473ml), although some of the smaller characters (e.g. Baby Groot) are only 10z, while the Iron Giant we've just ordered is a whopping 828ml / 28 oz.

norpro stainless steel juice press

Jeffrey Morgenthaler's favourite press juicer (as per The Bar Book), the Norpro stainless steel juicer, will juice lemons and limes - he likes it for its stylishness and functionality. His other recommendation is the Amco Enamelled Aluminum Lemon Press and Orange Press - it also comes as a lime press, but the lemon one will cover that. On Morgenthaler's recommendation we purchased the Norpro and it is so much more efficient than our old manual juicer! It is easy to clean and very well made. I've found thick skinned lemons can be a bit of a workout, but limes and thinner skinned Meyer lemons are easy to juice. I love our Norpro Juice Press so much I got one for my mum.

David Wondrich (Esquire Magazine and Imbibe!) and Noah Rothbaum (Daily Beast's "Half Full" Editor - which one won 2018 and 2020 Tales of the Cocktail's Best Cocktail & Spirits Publication) have written the ultimate guide to everything you ever needed to know about distilled drinks, mixology theories, historical techniques, trends and recipes. With A-Z references, it is the Oxford Dictionary of spirits and cocktails.

the bar book cover

The Bar Book by Jeffrey Morgenthaler is the quintessential guide to bartending and cocktail making. Not only is The Bar Book full of recipes, but each section breaks down all the essential techniques and tools involved in making a good cocktail, along with the history and rationale for each of the different methods. The Bar Book is the bartenders' how-to handbook and would be a welcome addition to any cocktail enthusiast's home.

mezcal history craft book cover

In Mezcal, 2022 James Beard Award-winning author Emma Janzen explores what sets this cousin of tequila apart from the rest of the pack. I'm amazed at how many peated whisky fans have never tried Mezcal! The flavour profile reminds me so much of a Caol Ila, or Bunnahabhain. This book is a fabulous introduction to the craft of Mezcal, from growing and harvesting the agave to roasting and grinding it to distilling and ageing.

Glassware Gifts for Her

Tequila Glasses Historically Modern

Inspired by the original design of the Mexican Copitas, these elegant glasses are carefully made to maximize the drinking pleasure of any Tequila or Mezcal drinker. The glasses would also work nicely for Sake or Whisky. Each glass is 4” in diameter (10 cm), 2.5” (6.3cm) tall and holds approximately 4.5 oz (133ml) of spirits, allowing enough room to add some ice cubes if desired. Weighing in at 300g per glass and featuring a shallow bowl design, this sturdy yet elegant spirit glass allows the unique aromas of your chosen spirit to be closer to your nose for a rich flavoured sip every single time. Also available in black Volcanic Ash finish.

leopold coupe glasses cocktail kingdom

Fabulously designed classic coupe cocktail glasses (love these for a Manhattan) 6oz (180ml). Elegant, durable, and designed for commercial use. Coupes are also a lovely old way of serving champagne - fashionable in France from their introduction in the 18th century and in the United States from the 1930s (think Great Gatsby).

muldale cocktail gin glasses

With an etched floral design inspired by English floral hedgerows, these crystal glasses are perfect for a gin + tonic, sangria or Aperol spritz. Large 16oz capacity, so you can get a lot of ice and cocktail in there to keep your drink super cool.

Alcohol Gifts For Her

three wax sealed samples of different gins in front of their gift box. set of 12 total

The Boutique-y Gin Advent calendar contains 24 x 3cl (30ml) wax-sealed Boutique-y gins, including CitroLondon Dry Gin, Estate-Foraged Gin, Louche Lemon Decadence Gin, Proper Pink Gin, Rhubarb Gin and Squeezed Yuzu Gin.

Worldwide shipping is available.

photograph of deep purple red gin

The Four Pillars Bloody Shiraz Gin is incredibly popular in Australia (made in the Yarra Valley, right around the corner from where I grew up), and it also happens to be my Mum's favourite gin. Bloody Shiraz is fabulous neat over ice or with just a wee bit of tonic or soda. Four Pillars used to make this a seasonal/special release, but it was so popular that it is now one of their mainstays and is available worldwide.

light green floral motif box. light green citrus fragrance candle bottom left, light green bottle of tanqueray no ten gin 70cl

This gift set from Tanqueray includes a bottle of small-batch No.10 Tanqueray gin and a fragrant citrus blossom candle in a floral gift pack. The perfect lift for a g+t lover. Worldwide shipping is available.

transparent bottle of clear byron dry gin. label has a capital letter B prominent in gold metallic and Brookie's in script underneath

Another fabulous Australian gin, Brookie's Byron Dry Gin, is made with 25 botanicals, with 17 of them being native to northern New South Wales, including Byron sunrise finger lime, cinnamon myrtle, aniseed myrtle, river mint, and macadamia. Brookie's is an Australian take on the classic London Dry style: citrus and juniper take the lead with support from refreshing green spice and a hint of red fruit. Brookie's gin came about from a collaboration between founder Eddie Brook and Master Distiller Jim McEwan (who established another fabulous gin, The Botanist).

photograph of a clear bottle with yellow reposado tequila. a black and white label with clothed skeletons and red text Espolon

Espolon Reposado is perfect for use in cocktails but also drinks well neat, over ice or with a squeeze of lime. I've been drinking this tequila for a long time, and it is one of the staples in our liquor cabinet. Espolon Reposado is matured in American oak barrels for six months before bottling.

photograph of a clear bottle of white rum with green and yellow label. Rum-bar is overproof pot stilled rum from worth park distillery in jamaica

At 60% abv, this overproof white rum pot-stilled in Jamaica by Worthy Park distillery packs a hell of a punch. I first tried this after a recommendation on Malt Review, where they compared Bacardi Superior and Rum-Bar, and Rum-Bar won, hands down. Bacardi reminds me of nail polish remover, whereas Rum-Bar is my new favourite white rum for cocktails.

green box with intricate gold designwork containing 25 bottles of different spirits. 5 miniture bottles containing different coloured spirits are along the front right of the image

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The ultimate surprise liquor gift - 25 miniature bottles of high quality spirits - 3cl (30ml) each - fifteen (15) spirits, four (4) liqueurs and six (6) whiskies. This gift pack is a fantastic way of trying something new from a broad range of spirits, including gin, rum and calvados (brandy).

Worldwide shipping is available.

Gifts For Women Who Whiskey

For help on finding the perfect present, see our Gift Guide For A Woman Who Whiskies (written by one!).

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