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Australian Distilleries Map

Last Updated: March 5, 2024

As with our Scotland Distillery Map, the Australian Distilleries Map came about because, once again, we unknowingly drove past a whole heap of distilleries while on our way to visit other distilleries. There are over 300 distilleries in Australia, so there is a lot to choose from, but it helps if you know where they all are in advance. This Australian Distillery Map will help you plan your next Spirited Adventures whether your preferences are for whisky, rum or gin. We've built the map using Google My Maps, so you can plot your route and get an idea of travel times/distances.

Australian Distilleries Map Key

  • Purple pins are distilleries presently only making/selling gin, vodka or liqueurs.
  • Green pins are distilleries making whisky and/or rum or brandy (dark spirits) though they may also make vodka or gin.
  • Orange pins are distilleries we know can only be visited by prior appointment/book in advance. There are probably quite a few distilleries that need advanced bookings, however as there are so many distilleries in Australia, we haven't had the chance to review all their visitor policies. Please review the distillery's website for tour/visitor information before you go - not all distilleries are equipped to handle visitors, and always remember that all distilleries are industrial work sites.
  • Black pins are distilleries that aren't open to the public.
  • Yellow pins are distilleries under construction or undergoing renovations.

We've also included a map layer showing Scotch Malt Whisky Society (SMWS) partner bars (it is always handy to know where in each city you can find good whisky). You do not need to be a member to visit SMWS partner bars, though members do usually get a discount on SMWS drams.

Interactive Map of Distilleries in Australia

How Many Distilleries Are in Australia

There are now more than 350 distilleries in Australia, up from twenty-eight in 2014. One of the driving factors behind the growth in Australian distilleries is a surge in small craft producers that focus on using local ingredients and innovative techniques. Australian distilleries are making  a wide range of spirits, from ewe's milk vodka to native botanical gins, fabulous rums, and whisky made from Australian-grown rye and barley. 

Tasmanian distilleries have dominated for years with their exceptional whiskies. Brands like Lark and Sullivans Cove have become globally recognised names, while numerous new contenders continue to emerge. However, the other states have more than caught up, and every state and territory in Australia has some fabulous spirits to offer. Many regional/remote areas produce exceptional local spirits (Corowa Whisky, Backwoods Rye, Black Gate Whisky (and Rum), Lord Byron Rum, Black Snake Agave).

As the number of distilleries continues to grow, we will endeavour to keep this map current, but please let us know if our map is missing your favourite distillery, or if the colour code is wrong.

Which Distilleries Produce Gin in Australia?

Gin has experienced a resurgence in popularity in Australia, with many distilleries producing their own spin on it, using native botanicals (we love Headlands Distillery and Cape Byron Distillery). These distilleries craft exceptional gins using locally sourced botanicals, creating unique flavour profiles that are distinctly Australian. Some of our favourite gin-producing distilleries are Four Pillars (VIC), Archie Rose (NSW), Poor Toms (NSW), Killara (TAS), Spring Bay (TAS) and Drifter's End (TAS).

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What Is the Oldest Distillery in Australia?

Beenleigh Rum Distillery in Queensland is Australia's oldest continuously operating distillery - the distillery was founded in 1884. 

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