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Man Cave Decor & Home Bar Gift Ideas

Last Updated: December 21, 2023

A man cave is the perfect place to unwind, relax, and indulge in a hobby or passion. Whether it's for watching sports, playing video games, or enjoying a drink with friends, a well-equipped man cave needs a touch of style and personality.

If you're looking for inspiration on decorating your man cave or searching for the perfect gift for a friend or family member who loves their home bar, look no further. This gift guide showcases a range of man cave bar ideas, including personalised cigar and whiskey trays, customised barrel stave signs, steampunk liquor dispensers and reclaimed bourbon barrel furniture (including a very awesome cask table with an inbuilt retro video game console). 

Handmade Man Cave Gifts

Any whisky fan would surely appreciate the craftsmanship in these handmade items. From personalised cigar and whisky trays to customised barrel stave signs, a mini-bar made from a Jerry Can, or an assortment of functional steampunk characters, these are the perfect addition to a man cave or gift for a home bar:

hand made metal lamp and whisky or wine dispenser in shape of a human like figure holding a hose (with metal tap) like a firemanan

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RusticDesignTR's handmade metal whisky dispensers are like nothing we've seen before. These steampunk figurines have an outstanding life-like quality and would be a key talking point in any bar. The functionality of the dispensers (for any spirit or wine) and lamps makes them a great utility in the home. Made in Turkey, worldwide shipping is available. Returns & exchanges are accepted.

interior photo of the jerry can mini bar showing a bottle of captain morgans, 5 cans of coke and 3 tumblers

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These retrofitted jerry can mini bars are customisable with engraved glassware and an inner timber door panel to make the perfect unusual whisky gift. Each jerry can mini bar includes three tumbler glasses, a lockable door (with two keys), vintage stained premium pine wood racks, and a can rack dispenser with five standard-size soda/premix/RTD slots. The central section will store your gift recipient's favourite bottle of spirits (3.75" wide, 3.75" deep) up to 1 litre. Handmade in Ireland, shipping to the UK, USA and Australia.

row of five reclaimed whiskey barrel staves engraved with GPS coordinates

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WoodWorkWarriors (Etsy) specialise in engraving the location coordinates (GPS) of your choice onto reclaimed whiskey barrel staves. Choose a favourite region (Louisville, KY | Islay, Scotland) or something a little more specific, like the exact location and name of a favourite distillery. Made in Kentucky, and shipping is available in the USA and UK only.

white oak ashtray with a cigar and space for whisky glass. glass and bottle of whisky in the background. all on a black table

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These elegant, cigar and whiskey trays by are handcrafted with FSC certified white oak and can be custom engraved. Designed with two sections - one for your whisky glass and one for your cigar and ash. The 3" x 3" glass holder conveniently fits square and round whisky glasses, and it can be personalized to make it more special. Made in the USA with worldwide shipping available.

ardbeg barrel lid from ThewhiskybarrelStore etsy

A truly original piece of Scottish whisky memorabilia, ThewhiskybarrelStore (Etsy) repurpose whisky cask ends. Braced and ready to hang, they are an awesome addition to the walls of Scotch whisky fan's home or man cave. Comes with heavy duty hook and hanger. Worldwide shipping available.

bottle storage cabinet made from old bourbon barrel

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MotorCityBarrels (Etsy) have a fabulous selection of furniture and accessories made from reclaimed Bourbon Barrels. Their liquor cabinet interiors use reclaimed wood backing and white oak middle shelving (which rotates for easy access). Authentic railroad spikes are used as handles for the cabinet doors. They also come with motion-sensing Neon LED lighting so you can easily grab your favourite whiskey out of the cabinet. These barrel cabinets are a very classy edition to a home bar or man cave. Made in the USA, with world wide shipping available.

dog eating out of a stainless steel bowl built into a reclaimed bourbon barrel table

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No man cave would be complete without your best friend by your side. In addition to the very impressive barrel bar cabinets, MotorCityBarrels make dog feeding/watering platforms from reclaimed barrels, with in-built stainless steel water and food bowls. The feeders are available in three different sizes to suit your pet's height. Apparently they're great for stopping drips/spillage, but as someone who owns a Staffi, I just don't see it not coming back out of her huge head. Drip prevention aside, these barrel feeders look fantastic.

two people playing arcade games on a refurbished bourbon barrel table

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This was never meant to be a MotorCityBarrels gift guide but they just have so many stunning items made from reclaimed whiskey barrels that we can't resist adding in the ultimate man-cave accessory: Retro 8-bit arcade playing deck built into a refurbed bourbon whiskey cask. There are four interfaces to choose from - Donkey Kong, Ms Pac Man, Frogger and Galaga (pictured) - but each console deck comes with over 60 games installed. Every home should have one.

Glassware & Drinking Accessories

Norlan Double Walled Whisky Glass

There are now several knockoffs on the market, but Norlan were the ORIGINAL double-walled whisky glass and is a stark contrast to the more traditional Glencairn. The Norlan Glass is purposefully designed to capture whisky's unique aromatics and flavours, and the double-walled construction enhances the intensity of the colour of your spirit. Whether you're looking to gift a whiskey or whisky drinker, the Norlan is an unusual glass for enjoying a dram however you want to spell it.

personalised engraving on a glass cubeish whisky decanter (centre) and two whisky tumblers

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GrainAndOak (Etsy) sell personalised whiskey decanters and tumblers, available as decanter only, or in a two or four glass set. The decanter capacity is 25 oz / 750 mL and the whiskey glasses are 9 oz / 270 mL tumblers. Your choice of design, made in North Carolina, USA. World wide shipping is available.

whisky flight board made of dark timber and four glencairn style glasses filled with dark amber liquid

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GrainAndOak's (Etsy) handmade whisky flight boards are made from reclaimed Bourbon whiskey barrel staves. Personalise your gift with engraving (design of your choice) on the board and on the (optional) Glencairn glassware. Made in North Carolina, USA. World wide shipping is available.

whisky glass tumblers and glass decanter with mount everest, K2, Denali, Fuji and Mont Blanc formations in the glass

Four (4) stunning whisky tumblers from LIITON, each featuring a scale replica of iconic mountains: Mont Blanc, Fuji, K2, and Denali. This set also includes a 1-litre Mount Everest Peaks Decanter. And if you like your whisky chilled (or better yet, use for whisky cocktails like an Old Fashioned), these glasses are made with LIITON's proprietary X1 Crystaline chill-charge system that chills your drink in just 18 seconds. The glasses are also available individually or in sets of 2.

photograph of a glass decanter in the shape of a storm trooper helmet. the decanter is full of amber liquid presumably whiskey

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This Stormtrooper Decanter is the perfect gift for a Star Wars Fan and Whisky Lover (this is quite a large number of people we know). Shaped to match the original moulds of the Stormtrooper helmet and armour created by Andrew Ainsworth, prop designer for the first Star Wars movie in 1976. The decanter weighs 950g, has a capacity of 750ml, and includes a cork stopper.

Ultimate Man Cave Library

A man cave is only complete with suitable reading material for the education and inspiration of a Spirited Man. Whether he's a seasoned spirits enthusiast or just starting to explore the complex world of whiskey, there's always something new to learn. From the history of Bourbon to the latest in Scotch Whisky, the following books are sure to become prized possessions in his library. We've even got a suggestion for the perfect repurposed-cask library cabinet.

malt whisky yearbook 2024

Ingvar Ronde's annual guide to all things Scotch whisky. Distillery summaries, the state of world whisky, global whisky trail blazers (individual profiles of the people having the most impact on the industry). The Malt Whisky Yearbook packs in a lot of facts and figures - it's an Almanac for whisky fans (mostly Scotch). It's a handy reference guide and perfect gift for a whisky nerd. Worth picking up every few years (though a lot of people purchase it annually).

Cover of book A Long Stride

A Long Stride tells the story of how John Walker and a succession of ingenious and progressive business leaders embraced their Scottish roots to walk confidently on an international stage. By doing things their own way, Johnnie Walker overturned the conventions of late Victorian and Edwardian Britain, survived two world wars and the Great Depression, coming back stronger each time, to become the first truly global whisky brand, revolutionising the world of advertising along the way. Ultimately the story is a testament to how an obsession with quality and a relentless drive to always move forward created a Scotch whisky loved in every corner of the world

terroir of whiskey book cover

Master distiller Rob Arnold reveals how innovative whiskey producers are recapturing a sense of place to create distinctive, nuanced flavors. He takes readers on a world tour of whiskey and the science of flavor, stopping along the way at distilleries in Kentucky, New York, Texas, Ireland, and Scotland. Arnold puts the spotlight on a new generation of distillers, plant breeders, and local farmers who are bringing back long-forgotten grain flavours and creating new ones in pursuit of terroir. In the twentieth century, we inadvertently bred distinctive tastes out of grains in favor of high yields-but today's artisans have teamed up to remove themselves from the commodity grain system, resurrect heirloom cereals, bring new varieties to life, and recapture the flavours of specific local ingredients. The Terroir of Whiskey makes the scientific and cultural cases that terroir is as important in whiskey as it is in wine.

A deluxe illustrated history of and guide to Kentucky bourbon, featuring framing-quality reproductions of archival photographs, rare bottle labels, all in an elegant boxed set with a pull-out drawer. Whiskey expert Clay Risen explores the origins, history, and evolution of America's distilling craft and culture in this luxurious boxed set. From boom to bust and back again, Risen tells the engrossing story of Kentucky whiskey, using interviews, photographs, and archival material to illuminate the singular region where bourbon was born. This meticulously researched book details how bourbon is made, how best to enjoy it, and how to build your own collection, along with profiles of the distilleries and makers that form the landscape of bourbon country.

reclaimed bourbon barrel open faced cabinet next to a comfy lounge chair

To round out our MotorCityBarrels gift guide, and provide somewhere to store all his books (or bourbon). These open faced repurposed bourbon barrel cabinets are a well crafted addition to his home bar or man cave. The barrels are made of American White Oak (repurposed/reclaimed barrels), as are the hand crafted interior central shelf and backing. The cabinet is designed to sit flush against the wall, and is the perfect spot for storing bourbon bottles and books.

Wall Art: Distillery Maps and Photographs

And last but not least, what about gifting one of our distillery maps or photographs? Our Scotland Distillery Map (designed by Roddy) is available as A2-A0 Fine Art Print or as a large format poster in various sizes (including USA poster size 24" x 36").

Worldwide shipping is available and we have a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

Scotland Distillery Map Framed above fireplace

Wall Art, Phone Covers and Throw Pillows. The perfect addition to a home bar or man cave.

black and gold map of islay distilleries above a king size bed with black sheets and white and gold pillows

Posters and Fine Art Prints of Islay Whisky Maps | Made By Whisky Lovers For Whisky Lovers

Even More Whisky Gift Ideas

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Have a look at our Gifts For Old Fashioned Lovers (some great whisky-cocktail suggestions), our Father's Day Whiskey Gift Guide, and if you're in Australia (or purchasing for someone who is) see our Wonderful Whisky Gift Ideas You Can Actually Buy In Oz and our Whisky Lover's Guide to Unusual Whisky Gifts UK.

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