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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2024 | Whisky Gifts For A Spirited Woman

Last Updated: January 28, 2024

Mother's Day is a special occasion to celebrate and honour the amazing women who have supported and nurtured us through thick and thin or who are lovingly caring for our children. For mums who love whisky, a unique and thoughtful whisky gift idea will make their day extra special.

Whether she prefers a classic bourbon or a peaty single malt, there's a whisky or whisky-tasting kit that's perfect for her. And if you'd rather not gift her booze, we've got some fantastic whisky-related gift suggestions, from whiskey-barrel stave watches and rings to a DIY whisky kit, a whisky aroma/learn-to-nose kit. Then there are the fabulous customisable hip flasks and whisky trays.

No matter what your budget or your mum's whisky preferences (or your partner's or friend's whisky preferences- hello to all the dads and significant others buying presents on behalf of kids, and kudos if you're buying your friend a mother's day gift because you think she's an incredible mum), there's sure to be a gift in this guide that she'll love.

Whisky Subscriptions for Mother's Day

Given all the hard work they do year round, every day should be Mother's Day. To help acknowledge her efforts on an ongoing basis, why not get a whisky subscription? From monthly to quarterly deliveries, give the gift that keeps on giving and help expand her whisky horizons.

OurWhisky is a subscription whisky service founded by women to support women in the whisky industry. Every month OurWhisky subscribers (UK residents only) receive TWO 50ml premium whisky samples direct to their door, with a live-streamed, interactive tasting hosted by the whisky makers themselves. Members also enjoy discounted access to exclusive events – both virtual and in-person, as well as tours and experiences from OurWhisky’s partners around the world. The OurWhisky Foundation is a non-profit organisation, established in March 2022, to recognise, support and empower women working in whisky around the world, while advocating for a more inclusive and diverse industry.

selection of whiskies from the 2022 favourites flaviar tasting box

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Flaviar is a subscription box service (monthly or three-monthly) for world whiskies: Scotch, Bourbon, Rye, Irish, Japanese. Boxes can also be purchased individually, but get in quickly, as the boxes change regularly. Gift memberships are available, and a fabulous idea if you're not sure exactly what whiskies to gift, as your recipient can choose their own. Available in the USA, UK and EU.

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Powered by the team behind Master of Malt and Drinks by the Dram, "Pour & Sip boxes are curated by a group of passionate people based on years of experience to inform, inspire and delight, making each box tell a story". A fabulous Mother's Day gift for someone based in the UK, the Pour & Sip subscription comprises five hand-picked 30ml drams of whisky delivered to her door each month (or every two months), and she can join in on the accompanying live virtual tastings. Gift memberships are available, and the Independent declared them the "Best Whisky Subscription 2022". Available in the UK only.

the whisky club logo

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The beauty of the Whisky Club is that there is no ongoing commitment to purchase the whiskies each month. Purchase a gift card for her, and she can spend it on whatever whisky takes her fancy over the coming months, and you don't need to worry about purchasing the right one. Past whiskies include Sullivan's Cove French Oak, Wild Turkey Single Barrel Select, Pappy Van Winkle Family Reserve 20 yo, Lagavulin 26 yo, and Paul John Port Cask; they offer a broad mix of world whiskies. Available in Australia only.

Whiskey Accessories & Glassware She'll Love

Every whisky lover needs a good set of glasses to enhance the drinking experience. Look for glasses that are designed specifically for whisky, with a wide bowl and a tapered rim to capture and enhance the aroma (like the ones from Kori Whiskey and LSA below).

One accessory we don't recommend you purchase is whiskey stones: they look great, but most people already have them, and almost no one uses them.

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KoriWhiskey (Etsy) is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and retails beautiful handmade Japanese glassware (Edo Glass). The Edo glass pictured is "The Fuji" - designed to resemble the crater of Mt. Fuji in Japan while still keeping the functionality of a Whiskey Glass. These glasses are handmade using the EDO Kiriko craftsman technique that has been used for more than 200 years. Each glass comes in a wooden casing, perfectly presentable as a Mother's Day gift. Free worldwide shipping.

hand blown whisky glassware from LSA international

A particularly deluxe set of glassware for whisky fans, made by the Master Glass Blowers at LSA International. This set includes a mouth-blown decanter (which has a capacity of 1 litre) with a walnut base, two tumblers, two tasting glasses complete with lids, a water jug, and two walnut coasters, all within a walnut tray. The decanter stopper is ground to ensure the perfect fit with the neck of the decanter. The rim of the jug is scissor cut by expert craftsmen. The wooden coasters, decanter base and high-walled tray are shaped from American walnut, which is treated with food-safe oils to bring out the grain and depth of colour. The wood is sustainably-sourced from responsibly-managed European forests. LSA International is a London-based design studio specialising in contemporary handmade glass.

glencairn water jug and box

The Glencairn Whisky Water Jug stands 140mm (5 1/2") tall and has a capacity of 250ml (8.4 oz). Made by the whisky glassware experts Glencairn using lead-free crystal, it is the perfect companion for a fan of Glencairn glasses. The Glencairn Whisky Jug comes in a presentation box, making it a very presentable Mother's Day gift.

white oak ashtray with a cigar and space for whisky glass. glass and bottle of whisky in the background. all on a black table

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Shout out to all they whiskey-sipping, stogie-smoking mums! These elegant, cigar and whiskey trays are handcrafted with FSC certified white oak and can be custom engraved. Designed with two sections - one for her whisky glass and one for her cigar and ash. The 3" x 3" glass holder conveniently fits square and round whisky glasses, and it can be personalized to make it more special. Made in the USA with worldwide shipping available

Whisky Gift Sets For Mum

A bottle of her favourite whiskey is a classic gift to please any whiskey-loving mum. For something unique, consider getting her a special edition, one from an independent bottler or one aged longer than she usually drinks.

Alternatively, a tasting set can be a wonderful gift if she loves to try different types of whiskey or if you're not sure precisely what whisky she likes. These sets usually include a variety of whiskies in small (usually 30ml, though the Starward Trio are 200ml) bottles, allowing her to try something new and compare flavours and styles.

three 20cl bottles of Starward whisky in front of their gift box. whiskies are Starward Classic, Nova and Fortis (from left to right)

Gift a trio of Australian whiskies from Starward Distillery (located in my home town of Melbourne) with 20cl (200ml) bottles of Starward Nova, Starward Fortis and either a Starward Classic or Starward Twofold (depends where your purchase). Available worldwide.

gift box japanese whisky set and 5 japanese whisky samples from drinks by the dram

The Drinks by The Dram Miniature Japanese Whisky Set comprises five 3cl (30ml) wax-sealed samples of the following Japanese whiskies: Mars Maltage Cosmo, Hatozaki Pure Malt, Miyagikyo Single Malt, Super Nikka, Nikka Days. The perfect Mother's Day gift for a fan of Japanese whisky, or for a scotch or whiskey fan looking to expand her horizons.

box set of 12 world whiskies (3 in photo) 30ml samples. whisky miniature bottles are glass and wax sealed

The Drinks by The Dram 12 Miniature Whisky Collection of 3cl (30ml) wax-sealed samples is a safe bet as a whisky gift as there are a variety of drams from around the world, and they are beautifully presented in a gift box ready for Mother's Day. Whiskies include: Glengoyne 12, Teeling Small Batch, Brenne French Single Malt Whisky, Smooth Ambler Old Scout American Whiskey, Berry Bros. & Rudd Peated Cask Matured - The Classic Range, World Whisky Blend (That Boutique-y Whisky Company), Mortlach 16, Aerolite Lyndsay 10 - The Character of Islay Whisky Company, Darkness 8 Year Old, Tobermory 12, Green Isle and Burnt Ends Blended Whiskey.

family image on a laptop screen behind a selection of bourbon whisky samples in wax sealed bottles and their bourbon tasting gift box

The ultimate tasting set for bourbon loving mums. This set features five fabulous 3cl (30ml) wax sealed bourbon samples from producers big and small all across the USA: Legent Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Maker's Mark 46, FEW Bourbon, Bulleit Bourbon 10 Year Old and J.W. Kelly Old Milford Bourbon. Gift boxed and ready for presenting on Mother's Day.

Whiskey-Related Gifts For Mother's Day

If you’d rather not gift her alcohol, we’ve got some fantastic whisky-related gift suggestions:

box of 24 aromas and a guide to help

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A Nosing Aroma Kit designed explicitly for whisky by the Aroma Academy Scotland. The kit (available as a 12 and 24 sensory sample kit) and accompanying guide booklet will dramatically increase her whisky nosing and tasting knowledge by introducing a series of crucial reference aromas found in whisky, improving her nosing terminology/vocabulary, and explaining the nosing and tasting process. 

multi coloured Tweed hip flask

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These Harris Tweed Hip Flasks from the TheTweedyGiftCompany (Etsy) come in a range of tartans and can be embroidered with up to 10 characters to make them a personalised mother's day gift. The Harris Tweed Jacket is fully-lined and removable for easy hand washing. The 6 oz stainless steel flask and jacket are beautifully presented in a luxurious gift box. Also check out their beautiful travel chess board and hip flask gift set.

Whisky Barrel Wood inlay and Damascus Steel outer layer ring for women and men

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RingsByPristine (Etsy Star Seller) handmake beautifully finished rings in various styles using materials such as former whiskey barrels, antler, ceramic and tungsten. They are made in the USA with worldwide shipping. These stunning rings come housed in a handmade Olivewood keepsake ring box. I'm in love with this Damascus finish (we're Forged In Fire fans in our household; Damascus for the win) with a whiskey barrel wood inlay. Available in two thicknesses, 6mm and 8mm, and in a broad range of sizes.

brown leather FIODH watch made from reclaimed whisky barrels

Designed and crafted in Scotland, FiODH's watches are made from reclaimed whisky casks (top case), the finest Quartz Swiss movements, and handmade Scottish Muirhead Leather wrist bands hand-stitched in Scotland. FiODH has done several collaborations (most recently with Glenfiddich), and customised watches are available. FiODH watches are 42mm diameter, which make them a great unisex fit. Worldwide shipping and returns & exchanges are accepted.

Girly Drinks: A World History of Women and Alcohol book cover

From the earliest days of civilization, alcohol has been at the centre of social rituals and cultures worldwide. But when exactly did drinking become a gendered act? And why have bars long been considered "places for men" when, without women, they might not even exist?

Girly Drinks unveils an entire untold history of the female distillers, drinkers and brewers who have played a vital role in the creation and consumption of alcohol, from ancient Sumerian beer goddess Ninkasi to iconic 1920s bartender Ada Coleman. Filling a crucial gap in culinary history, Mallory O'Meara dismantles the long-standing patriarchal traditions at the heart of these very drinking cultures, in the hope that readers everywhere can look to each celebrated woman in this book--and proudly have what she's having.

For more info check out this review from by Maggie Kimberl for American Whiskey Mag.

More Drink Gifts For Her

If you're still undecided on what alcohol related presents to buy for her on Mother's Day, have a read through our related posts, Alcohol Gifts For the Spirited Woman and Our Whisky Lovers Guide to Unusual and Unique Whisky Gifts.

Or, why not gift one of our Scotland Distillery Maps, or Distillery Photographs? Available as Fine Art Prints, Posters and Stretched Canvas "Ready to Hang". Worldwide shipping is available.

Scotland Distillery Map Framed above fireplace

Why not gift one of our popular Scotland Distillery Maps or Distillery Prints? Made by Whisky Lovers, For Whisky Lovers.

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