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The Whisky Lover’s Guide to Unusual & Unique Whisky Gifts 2024

Last Updated: January 28, 2024

Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for the whisky lover in your life? If they already have an extensive whisky collection, selecting a bottle they will genuinely appreciate (or that's in your price range) can be challenging. Don't worry; we're here to help.

Our guide to Unique and Unusual Whisky Gifts offers a diverse selection of handcrafted products and personalized gifts that will impress even the most discerning whisky connoisseur.

From bespoke items engraved with their initials to unique products expertly crafted by skilled artisans, we've curated a list of exceptional gifts that will elevate their whisky experience to the next level.

Read on for our top recommendations on how to surprise and delight the whisky lover in your life. UK readers should check out our Unusual Whisky Gifts UK Guide.

Unusual Handmade Whiskey Gifts

Any whisky fan would surely appreciate the craftsmanship in these handmade items.

From expertly crafted jewellery made from reclaimed whiskey barrels to an assortment of functional steampunk characters, these items certainly fall into the category of unusual whisky gifts:

Three Black Tungsten Wood Rings Lined with Whisky Barrel White Oak

RingsByPristine (Etsy Star Seller) handmake beautifully finished rings in various styles using materials such as former whisky barrels, antler, ceramic and tungsten. They are made in the USA with worldwide shipping available. Returns & exchanges are accepted, so you can't go wrong on sizes. These stunning rings come housed in a handmade Olivewood keepsake ring box.

hand made metal lamp and whisky or wine dispenser in shape of a human like figure holding a hose (with metal tap) like a firemanan

RusticDesignTR's handmade metal whisky dispensers are like nothing we've seen before. These steampunk figurines have an outstanding life-like quality and would be a key talking point in any bar. The functionality of the dispensers (for any spirit or wine) and lamps makes them a great utility in the home. Made in Turkey, worldwide shipping is available. Returns & exchanges are accepted.

brown leather wrist band reclaimed whisky barrel watch face on a dark background

Designed and crafted in Scotland, FiODH's watches are made from reclaimed whisky casks (top case), the finest Quartz Swiss movements, and handmade Scottish Muirhead Leather wrist bands hand-stitched in Scotland. You will struggle to find anything more unique and Scottish for Scotch whisky fans than FiODH watches. FiODH has done several collaborations (most recently with Glenfiddich), and customised watches are available. Worldwide shipping and returns & exchanges are accepted.

interior photo of the jerry can mini bar showing a bottle of captain morgans, 5 cans of coke and 3 tumblers

These retrofitted jerry can mini bars are customisable with engraved glassware and an inner timber door panel to make the perfect unusual whisky gift. Each jerry can mini bar includes three tumbler glasses, a lockable door (with two keys), vintage stained premium pine wood racks, and a can rack dispenser with five standard-size soda/premix/RTD slots. The central section will store your gift recipient's favourite bottle of spirits (3.75" wide, 3.75" deep) up to 1 litre. Handmade in Ireland, shipping to the UK, USA and Australia.

Unusual / Unique Whisky Drinking Accessories

smoked cocktail gift set on etsy by motor city barrels

Perfect for adding a little smoke and flare to your whiskey or whiskey cocktail - this unique smokin' bourbon gift set kit comes with a Copper-toned Culinary Mini Torch for charring the included Whiskey Barrel Wood Stave segment, upon which you upturn the included Rocks Glasses (2) to add a smoke element to your favourite drink.

Norlan Double Walled Whisky Glass

There are now several knock-offs on the market, but Norlan were the ORIGINAL double-walled whisky glass and is a stark contrast to the more traditional Glencairn. The Norlan Glass is purposefully designed to capture whisky's unique aromatics and flavours, and the double-walled construction enhances the intensity of the colour of your spirit. Whether you're looking to gift a whiskey or whisky drinker, the Norlan is an unusual glass for enjoying a dram however you want to spell it.

whisky glass tumblers and glass decanter with mount everest, K2, Denali, Fuji and Mont Blanc formations in the glass

Four (4) stunning whisky tumblers from LIITON, each featuring a scale replica of iconic mountains: Mont Blanc, Fuji, K2, and Denali. This set also includes a 1-litre Mount Everest Peaks Decanter. And if you like your whisky chilled (or better yet, use for whisky cocktails like an Old Fashioned), these glasses are made with LIITON's proprietary X1 Crystaline chill charge system that chills your drink in just 18 seconds. The glasses are also available individually or in sets of 2.

box of 24 aromas and a guide to help

A Nosing Aroma Kit designed explicitly for whisky by the Aroma Academy Scotland. The kit (available as a 12 and 24 sensory sample kit) and accompanying guide booklet will dramatically increase your whisky nosing and tasting knowledge by introducing a series of crucial reference aromas found in whisky, improving your nosing terminology/vocabulary, and explaining the nosing and tasting process. 

grey boon grass for drying glencairn glasses. white base

I almost didn't include this item because it is SO unusual. However, it is one of my favourite whisk-related accessories, as it has saved my glassware more than a few times! Boon Grass is meant for drying baby bottles. I initially saw a new parent post their baby bottles drying next to their Glencairn glasses on their Boon Grass, and the Glencairn glasses were drying neatly without risk of falling over. We've had Boon Grass for two years, and it's the best (and probably cheapest!) whisky-related investment we've made. The plastic fingers support the glassware, minimising the risk that we'll accidentally break them, and the drip tray means you can stick it anywhere without puddles of water everywhere. Boon Grass is also fabulous for drying wine glasses, especially awkward (i.e. expensive) fine-stemmed ware that usually doesn't fit in a dishwasher. A very unusual and very useful gift for a whisky or wine lover.

Ash Harbor Patterns Ice Designer Tray for Clear Ice Cocktails and Whiskey

The Clear Ice Cube Design Tray by Ash Harbor takes your ice experience to a whole new level. The aluminium ice press mould has 8 designs and is available in several 'themes' including 'Elements', 'Seasons' and 'Holiday'. The included silicone tray catches any drips as your ice cubes are transformed in just 5 seconds per side with some very cool designs. It's the perfect gift for those who appreciate a well-crafted drink. Pair the Design Tray with a clear ice maker for maximum effect.

true cubes clear ice cube maker

On the quest for the perfect clear ice? Directional freezing is the way to go. To make it easy, the True Cubes clear ice kit has a silicon cube tray with four ice cube moulds (2"x2"x2") that nest inside a secondary silicon tray, which all sit nicely inside an outer cooler box. You only need regular tap water to fill the top tray up to the fill line (this will also fill up the bottom silicon tray). Then, pop the whole unit into your freezer and wait for the directional freezing to do its thing. The process in which the trays work will naturally purify the water, resulting in large clear cubes that are visually stunning and also almost as pure as distilled water (no funky taste). Perfect for use with the Ice Cube Pattern Tray.

Personalised Whiskey Gifts

What could be more unique than a customised gift?

Whether it be a whiskey lover's initials, the coordinates of a famous distillery, or their favourite logo/design, the following stores can help you create the perfect bespoke present.

whisky flight board made of dark timber and four glencairn style glasses filled with dark amber liquid

GrainAndOak's (Etsy) handmade whisky flight boards are made from reclaimed Bourbon whiskey barrel staves. Personalise your gift with engraving (design of your choice) on the board and on the (optional) Glencairn glassware. Made in North Carolina, USA. World wide shipping is available.

personalised engraving on a glass cubeish whisky decanter (centre) and two whisky tumblers

GrainAndOak (see Engraved Whisky Flight above) also sell personalised whiskey decanters and tumblers. The decanter capacity is 25 oz / 750 mL and the whiskey glasses are 9 oz / 270 mL tumblers. Your choice of design, made in North Carolina, USA. World wide shipping is available.

row of five reclaimed whiskey barrel staves engraved with GPS coordinates

WoodWorkWarriors (Etsy) specialise in engraving the location coordinates (GPS) of your choice onto reclaimed whiskey barrel staves. Choose a favourite region (Louisville, KY | Islay, Scotland) or something a little more specific, like the exact location and name of a favourite distillery. Made in Kentucky, and shipping is available in the USA and UK only.

white oak ashtray with a cigar and space for whisky glass. glass and bottle of whisky in the background. all on a black table

These elegant, cigar and whiskey trays by are handcrafted with FSC certified white oak and can be custom engraved. Designed with two sections - one for your whisky glass and one for your cigar and ash. The 3" x 3" glass holder conveniently fits square and round whisky glasses, and it can be personalized to make it more special. Made in the USA with worldwide shipping available.

Whisky Distillery Maps and Distillery Photographs

And last but not least, what about gifting one of our beautiful distillery maps or photographs? Our Scotland Distillery Map (designed by Roddy) is available as A2-A0 Fine Art Print or as a large format poster in various sizes (including USA poster size 24" x 36").

We've also designed a number of iPhone and Samsung Galaxy phone cases and pillow covers.

Worldwide shipping is available and we have a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.

scotland distillery map poster

Wall Art, Phone Covers and Throw Pillows. The perfect addition to a home bar or man cave. Made by Whisky Lovers For Whisky Lovers.

Whisk(e)y Medley - An Assortment of Samples

We're huge fans of sample packs and look forward to the release of whiskey advent calendars each year, as they are an affordable way of trying a lot of different whiskies from around the world. These high-quality samples are beautifully boxed, making for a very presentable gift that will equally delight a whiskey novice or die-hard fan. 

Master of Malt (worldwide shipping, UK based) has the best range of Advent Calendars, including those from Drinks by the Dram, and independent bottler Boutique-y Whisky.

Just remember, if purchasing spirits from an online provideryou may have to pay additional charges (duty) to import the item into your country or the country of the person you're sending them to. Also be careful to only by Advent Calendars from reputable suppliers, as there are a lot of black market/fake calendars out there!

black box with white letters Bourbon and American whiskey advent calendar. Holiday decoations in background. Glencairn glass and whiskey minatures in foreground

The Bourbon and American Whiskey Advent calendar contains 24 x 3cl (30ml) wax-sealed drams including: Basil Hayden's Kentucky Straight Bourbon, Bulleit Bourbon 10, FEW Bourbon, FEW Rye, James Cree's 8yo Cattle Ranch Whiskey, Maker's Mark 46, Michter's US*1 (Rye and Bourbon), Redwood Empire Pipe Dream, Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch, Westland American Oak. Full list available on Master of Malt website.

pale pink blue and orange patterened box of japanese whisky with sample whisky mini bottles in foreground.

The Japanese Whiskey Advent calendar contains 24 x 3cl (30ml) wax-sealed drams including: Chita Single Grain, Hakushu (2), Hibiki Japanese Harmony, Kaiyo (3), Miyagikyo Single Malt, Mars (2), Nikka (2), The Kurayoshi (x2), White Oak (x2), Yamazaki 12 Year Old, Yamazaki Distiller's Reserve, Yoichi Single Malt. Full list available on Master of Malt website. Advent box is available in 2 different designs.

hand holding a glencairn glass over a gift presentation box with 24 samples of whisky from Flaviar on the right.

The Flaviar Advent Calendar includes: 24 x 50 ml (1.7 oz) top-shelf world whiskey samples, 2 Flaviar exclusive Glencairn glasses, a tasting journal with printed information about each of the whiskies, and a FREE 1-year Flaviar Base Membership.

Get in early as these sold out by October last year. Pre-orders now available. Available in the UK, EU and most of the USA.

dark coloured gift box with illustration of planets and a still-shaped UFO , and 3 wax sealed 30ml drams of whisky in glass bottles with illustrated labels

That Boutique-y Whisky Company and Drinks by the Dram have teamed up to create a stunning present for whisky fans: That Boutique-y Whisky Company's 12 Dram Collection set. Behind each of its 12 windows awaits a different 30ml wax-sealed dram from That Boutique-y Whisky Company's fabulous selection. Perfect for enjoying some terrific treats with friends or quietly enjoying them all on one's own. Full list available on Master of Malt website.

Even More Whisky Gift Ideas

Still haven't found what you're looking for? Have a look at our Whisky Woman's Guide To Whisky Gifts, Gifts For Old Fashioned Lovers (some great whisky-cocktail suggestions), Alcohol Gifts for a Spirited Woman and our Mother's Day Gift Guide (whisky gifts are gender neutral so check out the guides even if you're shopping for a guy) and if you're in Australia (or purchasing for someone who is) see our Wonderful Whisky Gift Ideas You Can Actually Buy In Oz.

Laphroaig Drink Coaster black background, islay map in gold tones showing location of Laphroaig distillery

Posters and Fine Art Prints of Islay Distilleries | Maps and Photographs | Made By Whisky Lovers, For Whisky Lovers.

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